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Droning On About Emotions

15 minutes after News event buy signal
35 minutes after News event sell signal

This post is not exactly on point as it is not about any one achievement in any of the Beeline levels.
It may, however, be helpful to some of my fellow bees. The video link below should open in whatever viewer you use for such things and if you have 15 minutes to listen to me drone on about what happened and how I feel about it, please do. If you have any trouble viewing it, please let me know.

Spoiler alert – there is almost NO strategy discussion in this content (except the retracement setup after a big price move on the news (NFP)) and, I neglected to mention Jeff’s comments about how people feel when they want to hold onto their equity. He said, “Get naked with it.” So, you want to take your new Gold level to bed with you, sleep on it, enjoy it, before you are willing to put any of it at risk. That pretty much nailed how I was feeling. And if you would really rather spend your time learning from someone who knows what to do on news day, this might be a much better use of your time: (Note: Only Apiary Fund members may use this link.)

Here is a list of things I’ve said in this video. I made this list to examine how many emotion words are in the mix. At minute 4, I’m trying to remember where my trades were, so you can just skip to minute 5 to save yourself some time. I’m laughing at times, at myself, employing a favorite philosophy – if you can’t be perfect, at least be funny. Realize, I’m talking to myself here…

Sort out my feelings, “a very smart person” Jeff in CATT Tools, 1 p.m. Pacific Time, reluctance to share “in disgust” video, pain I was feeling, 4 p.m. GMT Gold level, got out of bed (didn’t know why), I should check the news – rule #1, was I long or short – skip from minute 4 to 5 to skip my confusion, wait 15 minutes after the news from Jeff and Todd, selling a wick after the retrace exactly 20 minutes later, buying the bottom wick (if you are brave), telling you what I was thinking – I didn’t make the trades, after yesterday’s drubbing, sleep patterns are interrupted, willing to share their successes, angry, and kind of frustrated, suffered enough, drone on, the psychology of this, not all puppies and rainbows, making me see things about myself, character defects I have, manage my emotions, bottom line up by 10 or 20 or 30%, experience the benefit of all the training, not about anything else, there’s a ton of stuff to get, getting trained up on how to trade, get some fresh air…


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Beeline Achievement?

One of the (what I call requirements) achievements in the Beeline for Silver III is to “Emotitag 25 Trades” – something I would never do if not required to do so.

Here is the explanation: “When we can identify the emotion we feel when placing a trade, trends begin to emerge between that emotion and the profitability of a trade.”

My goal is to trade without emotion and it seems this requirement will force the exact opposite behavior necessary to achieve my goal. Where’s the upside?

Perhaps it will make sense at the end of the exercise, but I’m far more likely to simply tag every one of my 25 trades with the same emotion, with no regard for my feelings, just to get it done.
I’ll consider playing along for the sake of potential learning, but I’ll be asking myself all the while, “What’s happening to my trade while I’m playing around with smiley faces?” Will I lose money, will my trades go farther in either direction due to the time it will take to tag each one? Will I actually develop feelings (other than disgust at having to do this) for my trades, as if they are my babies, being sent off to school for their first day? I’m predicting some of them will be stopped out or be closed as they hit my profit target before I remember to add a tag.

OK, that’s all I’m willing to say at this moment. But, I will be recording this experiment for review. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll be back to post links and images to illustrate the results.