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Futures Trading – Scalping the ES Opening Ten Minutes

After exactly three minutes (at 9:34:00 a.m. Eastern Time), put your sell order above the high of the past three minutes.
Sell to open one contract, and for the next few minutes add to your position above your first sell price.
Your Stop Loss (if you use them) will be set after five minutes, and Take Profit targets are arbitrary, but first profit must be taken at or below your first sell price.
Manage what is left and do so before 9:43 a.m.

In these videos, I show the entry, selling on the way up, and the management and taking of profits when the initial (irrational exuberance) of the first three minutes is retraced – note the high of the first minute bar is 72.50 and the high of the bar in the second minute is 73.25. My first profits are taken at or below the lowest price of my sell orders. The timing of the audio (where you hear, “Order filled.”) does not match what I see in the videos and that is a technical problem with my recording of these videos (an issue not related to the trade.) What you see in the videos is a replay of 12/08/2020 and I’ll make more videos of other dates to show if this idea holds up on most days.

Next week, I’ll be working with this new idea. Thanks to CT-HeidiT for the suggestions.

I’ll post my results here. Comments are welcome. BrianDreamTrader at gmail – Thanks!

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BCS on a Monday morning

Getting set up for a USDCHF entry a little early, but I go for it anyway! Realize this is on a simulation trading account, so I have no fear…

“Fire all of your guns at once and explode into space.” is a line from Steppenwolf’s song, “Born to be Wild.” I couldn’t help myself and I was in for my limit of 50 open trades on this account.

Of course, moments after I closed my last trade, the market slaps me on the way out. If you watch the video, you’ll see what I mean.

And, it’s always easy to see with 20/20 hindsight. This would have been round two, had I stayed to play.


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Droning On About Emotions

15 minutes after News event buy signal

35 minutes after News event sell signal

This post is not exactly on point as it is not about any one achievement in any of the Beeline levels.
It may, however, be helpful to some of my fellow bees. The video link below should open in whatever viewer you use for such things and if you have 15 minutes to listen to me drone on about what happened and how I feel about it, please do. If you have any trouble viewing it, please let me know.

Spoiler alert – there is almost NO strategy discussion in this content (except the retracement setup after a big price move on the news (NFP)) and, I neglected to mention Jeff’s comments about how people feel when they want to hold onto their equity. He said, “Get naked with it.” So, you want to take your new Gold level to bed with you, sleep on it, enjoy it, before you are willing to put any of it at risk. That pretty much nailed how I was feeling. And if you would really rather spend your time learning from someone who knows what to do on news day, this might be a much better use of your time: (Note: Only Apiary Fund members may use this link.)

Here is a list of things I’ve said in this video. I made this list to examine how many emotion words are in the mix. At minute 4, I’m trying to remember where my trades were, so you can just skip to minute 5 to save yourself some time. I’m laughing at times, at myself, employing a favorite philosophy – if you can’t be perfect, at least be funny. Realize, I’m talking to myself here…

Sort out my feelings, “a very smart person” Jeff in CATT Tools, 1 p.m. Pacific Time, reluctance to share “in disgust” video, pain I was feeling, 4 p.m. GMT Gold level, got out of bed (didn’t know why), I should check the news – rule #1, was I long or short – skip from minute 4 to 5 to skip my confusion, wait 15 minutes after the news from Jeff and Todd, selling a wick after the retrace exactly 20 minutes later, buying the bottom wick (if you are brave), telling you what I was thinking – I didn’t make the trades, after yesterday’s drubbing, sleep patterns are interrupted, willing to share their successes, angry, and kind of frustrated, suffered enough, drone on, the psychology of this, not all puppies and rainbows, making me see things about myself, character defects I have, manage my emotions, bottom line up by 10 or 20 or 30%, experience the benefit of all the training, not about anything else, there’s a ton of stuff to get, getting trained up on how to trade, get some fresh air…


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Video Links

Not wanting to put this off until it is perfect, here is a start:

Bankers Close Videos – These are from earlier sessions, last week, I think…

Those links above will show you some early videos.

Here are two videos I made this morning: – Fewer than 15 minutes session 1 – Right at 30 minutes session 2

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Free For Now

Photo by Rob Bye on Unsplash

After a conversation today with a client/friend of mine, I’m thinking of perhaps adding a payment gateway to this website. While I’m still learning and sharing my progress with fellow bees in the hive at Apiary Fund, the videos and other content I produce here will likely continue to be available at no cost.

However, when I do get to the point where trading is what I’m doing for a living, I’ll be selling subscriptions to this material. That trickle of income will motivate me to continue providing useful content for up and coming traders, even if I don’t need the money (because I’ll be a successful trader) as the time and energy it takes to put content on this site and produce and share videos is no small thing in my world of limited resources.

Now, if I can find a way to get every soccer fan in the world to subscribe at $1 per year, I won’t need much of anything else!

Next up, a page with links to all the video content I’ve created (that’s worth sharing.)