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My 50-PIP Winner

Funny thing is, I got into this trade while watching the presentation on overnight trades – just missed the bottom, but put in my order right on time! My thinking was that many other pairs against USD had been beaten, why was JPY still holding its ground? I’m shaking my head over what a good guess this turned out to be.

Added a few positions with stop losses that got paid earlier (see next image for one trade remaining). On order 6246, I was moving my stop loss up manually. That was hit overnight.

Moved my stop loss to consolidation this morning and thankfully, it was not hit before that final push to the top.

Do I sound happy and relieved of this requirement? You bet I am. That top was just a few pips above my TP.

You’ll see in my order history I was scalping USD/CAD on a bounce while in DFF this morning.

Thanks to all for your kind advice. Happy trading to you.