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Talking To Myself

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Now, I see perhaps I should have been saying this to myself from the start.

This is just another lesson along the way.

Well, alright! Be prepared to meet yourself head-on here. I’ve learned more about myself than I ever knew I didn’t know! Be clear on this one thing, failure is a part of the process. Getting it wrong is just fine, as long as you take the lesson from every mistake.

This group and its members are the best resources for learning how to trade. You, however, are responsible for being fearless, being willing to lose, being willing to try and fail and try and fail, as many times as necessary to learn what works.

I’m just spouting off here based on my experience. I’ve lost more than one-third of my equity and I feel like I’m finally starting to think I might be improving. My last few days have been some of my worst and the progress I’ve made by the lessons learned has been some of the best.

If someone had told me how difficult this would be or how bad it would feel to consistently be wrong with my trades, I might never have been able to get this far. Then again, perhaps I would have been the very stubborn, never give up, do or die person I’ve always been, too proud to quit, too sure of myself to admit defeat… etc.

You get the picture, I’m sure. And, I’d be willing to bet there are dozens or hundreds of other traders that would echo my sentiment.

Best of luck to you. Use the Forums for feedback. Learn to trade well by making all of your mistakes while there is no real money at risk. We are all in this together.

Most of all, Enjoy!