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Beeline Achievement?

One of the (what I call requirements) achievements in the Beeline for Silver III is to “Emotitag 25 Trades” – something I would never do if not required to do so.

Here is the explanation: “When we can identify the emotion we feel when placing a trade, trends begin to emerge between that emotion and the profitability of a trade.”

My goal is to trade without emotion and it seems this requirement will force the exact opposite behavior necessary to achieve my goal. Where’s the upside?

Perhaps it will make sense at the end of the exercise, but I’m far more likely to simply tag every one of my 25 trades with the same emotion, with no regard for my feelings, just to get it done.
I’ll consider playing along for the sake of potential learning, but I’ll be asking myself all the while, “What’s happening to my trade while I’m playing around with smiley faces?” Will I lose money, will my trades go farther in either direction due to the time it will take to tag each one? Will I actually develop feelings (other than disgust at having to do this) for my trades, as if they are my babies, being sent off to school for their first day? I’m predicting some of them will be stopped out or be closed as they hit my profit target before I remember to add a tag.

OK, that’s all I’m willing to say at this moment. But, I will be recording this experiment for review. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll be back to post links and images to illustrate the results.