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Cycle Lessons from Shawn – thanks to Rob and Rookie

I’ve annotated the two images below with my thinking as I watched Shawn demonstrate wobbling in and out of positions. He measures the price movements and then takes the legs of those measurements to make that illustration of lines and ellipses in the middle of image 1.

He uses one of the legs created in that illustration to measure the movement of price action on a one hour chart. As you’ll see in my notes (in green below) I thought he was going to scalp a long.

This second image is just me reflecting on my wrong assumption. Both images were taken from a video you will find linked in a document posted in the Forum, created by Rookie007 and RobUnited. The time invested in reading through the thread and culling the best of it for yourself may prove rewarding.

This is a great piece of work by these two bees (in my humble opinion) and demonstrates the value of sharing ideas. If I learn to wobble, perhaps I’ll be up six or seven hundred pips in a day, too!

Here is the link to the thread.

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