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One Success with 34 EMA Trendline Break Swing Trading Strategy

Facebook Post – Brian Lee Rouley

This trade showed me some love, shortly after I read about this 34 EMA strategy. It set up exactly as planned, according to the simple two rules of identifying a trend reversal. That comment on the 61.8% retrace – I left it on this image so you could see what I was thinking (still one of my many faults, I would have been willing to re-enter the trade if it started to go against me!)

In the end, the trade was successful, even though I accidentally took one sell order when I was trying to buy and in spite of the fact that I got impatient in the end and closed the last few positions a little early. See next comment for the order history. On the other hand, had I stayed much longer, it would have run hard against me and ruined the whole thing!

Here is an image showing the orders history for that trade and here is a link to the strategy:…/

Yes, if you read the article, it is true. This strategy is designed for longer time frames, but as with almost any good strategy, it should work in many time frames. Either that or I just got lucky with good timing!

Enjoy! And, best of luck with your trades.

1 thought on “One Success with 34 EMA Trendline Break Swing Trading Strategy

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